Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Bag Solution

Have you ever found yourself frantically circling the house in the morning looking for a matching soccer sock, a clean towel for you workout, or your child’s homework? The bag solution cured my family of four from the insanity of the morning rush and brought organization and calm back into our day.

It started with designating a soccer bag and its hook for my son. The nylon bag hangs on a hook in his room ready for his weekly soccer practice with all of his soccer gear, cleats, and bottled water. When practice is over, he immediately puts everything back in the bag then the bag on its designated hook at home. When his soccer clothes come out of the dryer they are not put away in the dresser, but in the soccer bag. The bag is now ready to grab and go a week before the event. After saving lots of time in the mornings and eliminating the frantic search for the other shin guard on soccer practice days, I realized how I could apply the bag solution to many areas of our family’s lives. We now have a bag for gym, beach/swim practice, hiking, and my younger son’s daycare which holds his naptime bedding. When we come home we take out the item that needs to be washed and immediately replace it with a clean item before hanging the bag back on the hook making it ready to go for the next week. Our mornings are more calm and we leave the house prepared and (mostly) on time.

Do you have any organization tips or time saving systems in your household?


  1. i just leave all the stuff on the back seat of the truck, except for the really stinky stuff which stays in the truck bed and washed when it rains

  2. Ooh, I'm so Type A! So I love organization!

    One thing that helps me so much each week (and is great for our budget!) is my 3x5 card that has all my meals planned on it for the week. I even go as far to list each of the grocery items I need on the card. I hit up Trader Joe's and Henry's! Done for the week! :)

  3. read with interest your bag solution to get out of the house on time. i think it is a very creative and practical solution mny families with multiple activities could adopt.

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