Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Accidental Consequences

Recently I was driving back home from a long road trip and was listening to a program on the radio station BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). The BBC is a nice break from the streamlined stations here (I have more to say on that subject later) and I usually listen to it in the mornings during the week and had not heard this Sunday night program.

The interviewer was talking to three business men (yes, all men) who's jobs effected the international realm. One was in the medical field formulating new types of medicine, another was a business consultant (and his job description was vague), and the third had opened up movie theaters (mostly in Europe although he was originally from America).

The commentator in his cool English accent asked each of them what kind of accidental consequences have they or their firm experienced that brought them to the place they were today. The medical guy said they were studying one drug for one type of disease and discovered that it helps prevent some sort of cancer. The consultant had discovered some sort of miracle face cream that really fight wrinkles (it is not out yet and he was still open to name suggestions). The third had walked by a movie theater filled with load music and young people when a middle aged couple walked in and then turned around and left the theater in discouragement. Seeing the couples response spurred this business man to buy the movie theater (and then many others after) so that he could design theaters for all age groups (complete with bean bags and rocking chairs).

I started thinking about what my accidental consequence was in my life. I really don't believe in "accidents," but I do believe sometimes we are going down one direction and we end up somewhere else taking us to our place we are today. What is your "accidental" consequence?


  1. What a great question to think about! As I look back on my life I have had many "accidental consequences" which have brought me to where I am in my life today. So many examples are swirling through my mind. Great question and great blog!

  2. I think the guy should call it Wrinkle Be Gone. It's clear direct and to the point. So I've heard that most beauty products are tested on animals. Does that mean rabbitts get wrinkles? How about that for your next blog.
    So yes i met my first wife due to an accidental consquence. Incidently I'm still married to her, but she will always be my first wife. Regardless so I happened to go to a men's group on the very night that my future first wife's roommate was throwing a party. So the only reason I had time to go to this party was that the two events happened to occur on the very same street. Accidental??? hmmmm.
    Another example would be the guy who invited me to attend a haunted house run be Campus Life. Back when Christians weren't afraid to assocaite with Halloween and live in the real world - another blog topic. So I was invited to go to this HH by a guy who never went to the group because they talked a little too much about God for his liking. Well one thing led to another and 8 months later I had a personal relationship with God. So here are the two most important relationships in my life both as a result from accidental consequences. So that begs the question where does fate end and happenstance begin. And still antoher blog topic. Damn I think I got this blogging thing down. Now if I can just figure out how to post this darn thing.

  3. I think there are no accidents. I think that it is God directing our life anonymously.

  4. Sharon, I love all of your posts! They really make you stop and think, which is so hard sometimes for people to do with our non-stop lives. It's good to slow down and focus on the little things so we can be more concious of what's around us. Thank you!!

  5. Mmmmmm. I don't believe in "Accidental Consequences"... I believe in timing is everything... Are you going to say they are one in the same? I'm the "choice gal"... The choices I make, have made, day to day, minute to minute all have brought me to a specific place... I have maaaannny uncanny timing situtations. Too many to discuss, list or bore you with....Mmmm'lu