Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Birthday Trivia

With all this interest in birthdays, I looked up a bit of trivia. First of all, I had heard that October was the most popular birthday month and October 12 the most popular birthday. Makes since, when nine months earlier is January (good time to start on your goal of having a baby). But, after a bit of investigating on the handy, dandy Internet, I found out I was wrong on both accounts. Here is the birthday news:

  • In the US October 5th is the most common birthday and
  • May 22nd is the least common (after February 29th of course).
  • More people have birthdays in August than in any other month – 9.06 percent of the U.S. population.
  • July is the second most popular birthday month (8.80 percent) and
  • the fewest people celebrate in February (7.55 percent).

Just what you wanted to know about birthdays, huh?


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  1. well as far as i'm concerned Nov is the most popular birthday month. my brother and 3 ex girlfriends and several more frinds all have birthdays in Nov and severl of them trun 50 in the next few weeks. Dec is not a bad month for imporant month for birthdays too. While the true month and day are much in debate the most important birth is celebrated on the 25th. There are other important birthdays that month too but i can't seem to rememenber you they might be.