Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Celebrating Birthdays!

Birthdays are a big deal in our house. When the kids wake up in the morning balloons of their favorite color are discovered floating in their bedrooms and the same Scooby Doo Happy Birthday sign hanging in the dining room each year. There is also presents sitting on their breakfast plate (you have to open the presents in the morning before you eat!). Each member of the family decides on the entire day's menu from breakfast to dinner (including snack) and pretty much can choose what they want to do the entire day (all within some sort of reason of course).

I also believe in throwing your own party. Sure, why not. If you want to do something for your birthday and no one is going to do it for you, why not make sure it happens. You only live once!

Now, my husband has got the hang of my birthdays - he knows to make a big deal of it. I quietly go about my day all year, why not enjoy a day the way you want to enjoy it? Although, he has given me some great surprises - like the time he dressed the boys in tuxes and they greeted all the guests to a surprise-breakfast party. He has actually given me a couple breakfast birthday parties. (When ones birthday is in the middle of December one has got to be a bit creative on how one celebrates it.) And of course, there are those years one just wants to take it easy and enjoy a quiet family event. The boys have caught on (easily) to this birthday craze and are even excited about each other's b-day. With all the birthday celebrating, here is still the rule: don't ask me how old I am because frankly I won't tell you. (Yes, there is still a little denial going on.)

So what type of birthday celebration customs did you have growing up and what kind of new ways have you introduced birthday traditions in your house? What creative ways have you celebrated your own or someone else's birthday? Any cost-effective, original birthday party ideas?

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  1. While growing up we weren't allowed many sweets, so when our birthday came around my mom let us choose any one box of cereal in the store. Cookie Crisp! Captain Crunch! So exciting!

    My aunt has a great tradition that we are going to start with our son. She has a special plate set with cup for her children and makes them their favorite dinner on their bday.

    I like the idea of having presents on their plate in the morning, and balloons. :)