Sunday, December 13, 2009

What I've Learned Since Age 30

Today I am celebrating turning yet another year older. I've always had a difficult time excepting my age and I avoid, in all my efforts, to never reveal my true age. Yes, I've even lied about my age before (sting gun me now).

But when I look back, I have to say I wouldn't want to go back. On this day of reflection, I started thinking about what I have learned since I was age 30.

A lot. Yes I have learned a lot - some surface stuff, some deep stuff. But, I will have to say, the year that I enjoyed being the most from all my years of life (notice how I still avoid telling you my age) is age 30. Not 29, but age 30.

Here is what I have learned about myself and life since I was my favorite age:
  1. My favorite colors are lemon yellow and some pinks. Seriously. I've always said it was blue, but now I have come to terms that I am a bit more girlie than I would have liked to admit. (Yes, I did say some things were a bit on the surface, but hang in there with me.)

  2. I actually am a bit crafty and do like to go to Michael's Craft Store and JoAnn's Fabrics. Growing up I hated art class and "craft time." It was later while a production manager when I discovered more about the differences in paper and some graphics tips that I started making handmade Christmas cards for our family and then later for others. Now I want to start making crafty t-shirt with cool designs and I also want to learn how to make jewelry. Who knew - but don't put me in the crafty category quite yet.

  3. I love being a mom. I'm not one of those who dreamed of having a family, buying a home, and "settling down." Count me out people! I wanted to have a career and travel.  Experience life, explore, and be free. Having kids was not on my agenda. I'm just not a kid person. But, low and behold, I had two kids and I just love being a mommy. I love my boys and now, even as they are in elementary school, I still smile when I hear them call me "mom." It certainly is such a privilege and an honor to be a mother.

  4. I discovered that my favorite "holiday" is Mother's Day! (After Christmas of course.) I love that day and my "boys" spoil me terribly. I like this day better than my birthday. I know I share Mother's Day with so many other people, but I still can't believe I get to mother these beautiful boys.

  5. I've been selfish all these years. Okay, so I kind of known that before I turned 30, but now I really know it. Once you get married and then later have kids, our perspective on ourselves certainly changes when we have to share things, save money, and give up our time. I think back at some of the fabulous birthday presents or the acts of love people have given to me in the past and just didn't appreciate it as much as I appreciate it now.

  6. To embrace life. Why is it that we give ourselves age deadlines? Example: At age 21 need to graduate from college, get married no later than age 25, by age 30 have all my babies, by age 35 need to live in our dream home, at age 40 be the best in my profession, by age 45 own a second home, and by age 50 I need to be whatever people say at that age.

    Let me just say, those were not my goals, and even if they were, I am so way behind the "schedule." Anything can happen along the way to kick you off your age track. Death in the family, financial problems, meet spouse later in life, infertility problems, loss of job, bad economic times, and the list goes on.

    If you miss your age deadline then you feel old and disappointed and you have missed out on what you could have enjoyed in that stage of life. Embrace today. We are still young. My golly, I remember fearing turning age 30 - for goodness sakes, at that age we are still young and I'm still young now. Why do I have to act like "my age" anyways? Let's embrace life and LIVE.
Here is to living our life today and not putting age limits. I'm all about goals, but don't let it keep you from enjoying today.

Here is to another year. Let's live it to the fullest today.

What have you learned in the last ten years?
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  1. First of all....Happy Birthday Sharon! You still look so good! Thanks for sharing what you have learned since you were 30. I've learned a LOT as well - I feel like I have grown up in many ways. My life hasn't turned out how I envisioned it but I really like me life and am quite happy!

    Happy birthday to you!

  2. Happy Birthday Sharon! :)
    thanks for sharing all that you have learned about yourself in your 30's.

    i love my 30's!
    i feel so much more comfy in my skin, than in my 20's.