Monday, August 17, 2009

Fashion Tips “On the Fly"

I asked my fabulously, fashionable friend, Catherine, if she would give us some tips for us busy women and I was so happy she agreed and was quite surprised (I am sorry Catherine, but wasn't sure) what a well written article she sent me! She is always so amazingly dressed and yet this article equips all of us less-conscience fashion moms and working ladies. She even considered our budget. With no further ado:

Fashion Tips “On the Fly"
By Catherine McCullough

Do you feel like you’re too busy to shop for clothes? Are you working 60+ hours a week and can barely have time to get food at lunch? If you’re like me, there never seems to be enough time between soccer games, swim lessons, and grocery shopping to keep up with the (sometimes expensive) fashion trends, let alone purchase clothing for my ever-growing children! However, we all know how important it is to ‘dress’ the part and exude your inner “fashionista”. Alas, don’t worry; here are a few tips I have learned to live by…

Support the Little Guy: I have found that I can find one-of-a-kind, quality pieces on the sale racks of the local boutiques – all while supporting my neighbor, the small business owner at the same time. I find it is actually easier to run into the small shops when I’m out taking the dry-cleaning, going to the bank, or the post-office. It’s much more convenient than making a day-trip to the mall to shop the national retailers.

Clothes for Five and a Dime: Don’t be afraid to peruse the sale racks in between errands in some of the more expensive boutiques. They too, are hurting in this economy and you may find that ‘steal of a deal’ to add another terrific piece to your wardrobe. However, my caution to you is to keep an eye on the sale rack and have the will power to wait until your favorite pieces are truly at a discount.

A Classic is a Classic: It may sound passé, but truly it is one of the best pieces of advice I have followed. Be sure to stock up on your basic silhouettes - button up shirts, pencil skirts, A-line skirt, classic trousers, fitted blazer, etc. in the basic colors – white, black, navy, and khaki. These are staples in every wardrobe that can be paired with fun accent colors and statement pieces such as a necklace or a belt. You’ll find this advice will help keep your wallet in your pocket. Since when you wear these items in different combinations, you’ll feel like you have a new outfit every time!

Pick Up Your Trusty Fashion Mag: If you feel you need a little direction as to what the current fashion trends are, buy any of the national fashion publications at the grocery check-out. My favorite is In Style since they have many different pages where they show you the high-end version with a less-expensive option, including where to find it. They even show accessories and different approaches based on personality.

Sometimes you can find your next piece in your trusty fashion mag, or sometimes it’s just asking your best-friend, or maybe your local boutique owner. However you do it, just be sure to have fun with it! Happy Shopping!

Catherine's background:
Catherine is a graduate of the Merchandise Marketing program at the fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles, California. She has worked in the Southern California fashion industry for many years. She has held positions in public relations, management, event production, as well as merchandising and personal shopping. Catherine has also worked as a marketing director for a San Diego super-regional shopping center and currently is the Chapter President for the San Diego FIDM Alumni Association. In addition, she works part-time as a professional speaker for FIDM in San Diego area high schools while managing her family's landscape architecture firm and her two children.

Thank you, Catherine, for sharing some of your styl'n tips with us! To be just half as fashionable as you would be good enough for me! (On a side note, I would have met Catherine five separate ways. Our lives would have collided five different times. So crazy. We were meant to be friends.)

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  1. Though I live somewhere that wearing the latest fashion is not really a problem - very relaxed high-desert/mountain country- this blog had very good tips about where and how to shop! I still dress a bit nicer here than most as I feel better when I look put together and am wearing clothes that are somewhat "current". I was thrilled about 5 years when I found a store (Ann Taylor Loft) that has clothes that actually fit me, so I mainly shop there when I get to spend a day in the "city".

  2. What a very informative article! I really enjoyed hearing how she shops. I wish I liked shopping more, I'm just afraid that I will buy the wrong thing :) Thanks so much for this piece Sharon and Catherine!

  3. I loooooved the tips, they are concise and with direction. I am a walking fashion infraction (WFI) and believe me,this article has helped me focus! I know Catherine and she DOES practice what she preaches by always looking sharp and glam!!

    Jennifer Santander

  4. Great tips! thanks so much for sharing-love your site!!

  5. Thank you so much for your comments and a big thank you to Catherine for sharing her expertise with us busy women! We are off now on our lunch hour to our local boutique to add to our classic items (and to 7-11 on the corner for our magazine for ideas). Gotta love it!

  6. Thanks to everyone for all the great comments and sweet compliments...and Sharon, I thank you for asking me to put something to paper. I really enjoyed getting back to writing - it's been a long while. See ya at the magazine rack! :)