Monday, October 6, 2008

Our Precious Possessions

My family and I live seven blocks from the beach (I know it is tough) and I try and take a power walk every morning as the sun comes up. My attempt is to make a quick dash to the ocean and quickly go back home so that I can get back in time for work. On my way home today, as the sun was peaking over the horizon, seagulls squawked, and waves crashed, I saw this older man with ruffled, gray hair; dark-suntanned skin; and khakis worn with special care, riding his bike to the beach. His bike had a double basket attached to the back wheel and it was packed high, probably with his necessary daily possessions. Now this is not so unusual around this community because, well, there are lots of homeless people riding around on their bikes in this mild weather area. The peculiar part of the scene was what he was pulling behind his bike. He was definitely getting lots of exercise as he pulled his orange, beat-up, single-seater kayak. I'm not sure how it was attached to his bike, but there were wheels at the end of the Kayak, resting maybe on a skateboard. It just made me think about the things that are important to us and what would we keep to the very end. His was his bike, which was important to get around, and his precious kayak.

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  1. People who know me, either well or just briefly, might think my shoes are my most precious possesions...come on... I am not that superficial. Truth be told, strip me of all my belongings even my shoes- all 30 pair not counting my 10 pair of Havania Flip flops....I do not have a most precious possesion. Do I sound like a liar or a faker? In this day and age, it's not all that far fetched that I could lose all my possesions.. When I met my husband I did not own a TV. My house was minimally filled with minimal furniture. My possesions were mainly art work valuable or not. There is nothing so precious that I wouldn't give up. I am adopted and some where along my growing out of teenage self centeredness...I realized that I had nothing early on in my life, literally. Not by choice but by circumstance. When many people had families, real homes and love... I had just my older sister in an orphanage...we had each other and still do. My precious possesion is not a possesion.. Possesions will always come and go with time; like it or not. Most precious in my life are my friends and family. Without possesions I still know I will always have a place to go, friendship and love to share... I could live with out possesions. It would be difficult to live without my friends and family.
    Don't mean to sound like a Hallmark card or a cell phone commercial...but this is true...