Sunday, March 6, 2011

"godlike" Behavior

The other day my family and I watched the movie "Bruce Almighty" (not to be confused with "Evan Almighty" which, I just recently discovered, is a spin off of the Bruce version).

Anyway, in the movie, Bruce is complaining to God that he is not doing a very good job, so God calls Bruce in and says he will give him a job: to be "god" to the people in his neighborhood. Then Bruce has "godlike" ability to not only move salt and pepper shakers without touching it, but even bring in the moon closer to Earth. At first, Bruce only cares about himself and uses his ability to benefit only himself. Then things start going wrong and he can't even help himself nor handle all the prayers he gets in on a daily basis. At the end he confesses he can't be "godlike" even in those couple blocks and gives God his job back for his neighborhood.

Well lately, I have been sickened by real people who have been so glorified over the years that they act like they too have "godlike" abilities and are not like everyone else.

I haven't even watched on episode of Two and Half Men, and I am only vaguely familiar with some of the movies he has been in, but those interviews of Charlie Sheen are disturbing!

He acts like he thinks he is "godlike." As if everything is in his power and we should all bow down to him. As you surely know, the series he is in was cut short due to Charlie's recent behavior. On the Today Show on Monday, Sheen can not even apologize to CBS for his crude behaviour that caused them to shut down production for the season, but they should accept him for the way he is.

On Tuesday we find out that Charlie has two "goddesses" in his house; yes he lives with two women and it seems that "rules" do not apply to Charlie.

Libia's leader, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, also thinks he has "godlike" attributes. He is one of the longest-serving rulers in history. Since he took over power in 1969, I am sure that he thinks that he is not like everyone else and he can't be touched. Funny thing, after all the protests in the street, he says that there has been no rebelling and his people "love" him. He must be completely delusional.

During this Paris' Fashion week, John Galliano, Christian Dior's esteemed designer, was fired after an episode of him on spouting anit-semitic statements went viral. When I was listening to BBC, they had mentioned that Galliano told everyone in the bar that they were ugly and if he was Hitler and he would kill them all and some how that all led to "loving Hitler"

New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer never thought he would be found out either. He wasn't thinking that maybe he was a man with moral obligations like some other human beings are.

So, these people who act they have "god-like" abilities, have peppered our news last week. Since we have been listening all week to the news about these people, let's just pray that their attitudes haven't affected ours. Do you forget sometimes at home or in the office that the world doesn't revolve around you? Do you participate in trying to help others feel better about themselves? Do you ask questions about others or do you dominate conversation about yourself? Do you enjoy that others feel intimidated around you or do you genuine care for others? How can we portray a more "others-oriented" attitude in our lives this week?

PS What did you think about the news of Charlie Sheen's interview last week?


  1. Charlie Sheen's behavior is absolutely outrageous and I hope that Two and a Half Men is cancelled for good. I guess he is considered a good actor, but he is certainly not a good person. The things he has said on radio and TV reflect a very "sick" individual.

  2. It truly is disgusting! Thank you for ranting about it, because this is exactly how so many of us feel! Sometimes this world is so upside down! :(