Sunday, December 12, 2010

Another Birthday. Another Attitude Change. Another Day to Celebrate Life.

My birthday is on a Monday, a normal workday, and a proposal deadline. Albeit, I am determined to have a good day.

A Little Indulgance
I plan on enjoying croissants and fruit for breakfast, a visit to Starbucks for a seasonal eggnog latte treat, and then, after I survive a crazy day of work, going out with my family for sushi for dinner. Oh, and maybe enjoy a mocha, mud pie (anyone know where I can get one of those) for dessert, because, hey, why not indulge for the day? I am also hoping that Mr/s Weatherperson gives us give us the forecast of a 30 degree drop from today's 80 degree temperature so that I can wear my favorite sweater tomorrow.

Manic Mondays
I remember a birthday that fell on a Monday while I was at college. My birthday always falls on finals week and due to the craziness of that time, no one would remember that it was my birthday. That particular year, I had three finals on my birthday; the first one was scheduled for 7am. On top of the full day, I had another final set for early the next day that I had to still study for that. In between finals, I sat on the curb and cried. Cried my heart out because I was so exhausted and I thought I had just flunked my first final. I pulled myself together, got up and went back to my dorm room to study when I saw the big sheet, birthday cake on my desk from my mom; big enough to share with everyone on that floor. My mom came through. She also gave me a sweater as a gift, and, if you knew me at all you would know that, I love my sweaters (and why do I live in this warm weather climate again?).

Those Young People Think They are so Cool and All
Celebrating another birthday is getting more, and more, difficult as time passes. I'm getting older and I am having a difficult time accepting that fact. Age has such a stigma and the younger look up to the older with less respect. How do we get around falling into society's trap that "younger is better"?

Childlike Excitement
For my kids' birthdays I fill their rooms with the number of balloons of their age so they can wake up to those colorful, floating material all around them. Then we make a breakfast of their choice and go out or make a dinner of their own selection. They open their presents in the morning and I hang a big "Happy Birthday" Scooby Doo sign in the dinning room. We try to make such a big deal about celebrating them and their lives each year. They can't wait to grow another year older. My eight year old can't wait to turn nine because eight was the longest year of his life. What happened to our little child excitement on a our very special day?

Beauty from the Inside Out!
As adults we have to face that we are getting older and we still have to go to work and meet deadlines even on the day we were born. And plus, we are feeling old, cranky, and achy, although I'm determined to stay up past 9:30pm.

We all work so hard to loose weight, whiten our teeth, visit the dermatologist more frequently, buy more expensive face creams, and color our hair every six weeks, but what are we doing to grow more mature, to be more loving, to learn life lessons, to grow more beautiful on the inside?

I know that our attitudes about age really affect our here and now and I'm determined to celebrate life daily. How do you approach each birthday? With dread or celebration? How do you celebrate you?

Here is to another birthday; a year committed to working on an eternal beauty, striving for what is not of this world, an inner being that radiates love, and an attitude that is willing to forgive. Here is to looking our very best than ever before from the inside and out! Here is to another year of life.

PS While I am still trying to embrace life and enjoy every moment in the here in now, I'm still going to start fibbing about my age, starting next year.


  1. A birthday is a good reminder that time isn't going to stop or slow down no matter what. As a mom, I still have to move the laundry along (son's PE clothes didn't get washed over the weekend), the dish washer still needs to be unloaded, still have to pack lunches, and the boys still need help on their homework - yes most of those things still need to be done on Christmas, Easter, and even a birthday. Thankful my husband made breakfast and is taking me out for Sushi tonight so dinner to fix.

  2. Nobody in my office knew it was my birthday so no birthday wishes from them. I even worked my tail off today. Oh well. Life must go on.

  3. aahhh...sad that no one knew it was your bday! You should've said something. I would have :-) You are too funny about not revealing your age. The way I look at it, is that I look pretty decent for my age so I don't mind telling. In fact, I was in Game Stop today and the guy asked me for my ID as I was buying an R rated game (for hubby). I laughed and said "haha you are so funny". But...they check for ID's on people less than 35 (at least that's they gist of what I got from his conversation with his coworker) so they can warn them about the content for children. I was so pleased to hear that and thrilled when he was shocked by my age. Don't feel bad about your age. You are such a beautiful, young looking and at heart, woman. You should be PROUD to wear your age :-) We need to kick society in the butt for how they/we treat aging. It's a natural part of life and we need to embrace it. I hope the rest of your day was very special and your dinner yummy. I'm sure your husband and kids came through for you. Loved the story about your mom sending a cake when you were in college. Moms are the best! And had to laugh about your love of sweaters living in a warm climate. You need to live where I do. Sweaters and fires in the fireplace - glorious days of winter. And to end this chapter....I love my birthdays and plan on having a big bash on my 50th :-) ~Suzy

  4. Funny Sharon, my birthday is December 10th, and to be honest with you, birthdays have always been something I dreaded. When I was young it was because, since I was one of 7 kids in a family with not a lot of money, we didn't do much, and I dreaded the "what did you get for your birthday?" questions. As I got older I met so many people who said "it is all about YOU on your birthday and do whatever it is YOU want". This is so strange to me, mostly because I grew up with it just being another day, falling into the madness of life with a special dinner at the end of it. That was always enough for me. So this whole, "make it special and all about you" is strange to me...and from a Christian point of view, feels so self focused. I found that whenever I took that point of view, that it "had to be special" all about "whatever I wanted" for the day, I was always disappointed in the day....someone didn't remember, I didn't get to do what I wanted....etc.

    Anyway, my point is, not so much about me and my birthday experience, but more about birthdays in general.

    How do you think we could celebrate birthdays so that we wouldn't be disappointed? So that we wouldn't be upset that we have to do "the daily life" that still has to get done on "our" day? Not trying to be cheesy here...but really do you think God wants us to celebrate our birthdays?

    I don't know the answer, just something I pondered myself this last December 10th.

    For what it is worth...Happy Bleated Birthday to you! I am so glad that I randomly found your blog...and so glad that you use your God-given gift to write and "think" this stuff out online. What a blessing you are! And also for what it is worth, I don't know your age, but I have always thought you were incredibly beautiful! Embrace the years (and wisdom that years bring) that God has given you! ;)

    Happy Birthday December birthday buddy!

  5. Thank you so much for the messages! You have blessed my heart. Love making new friends and getting re-aquainted with "old" friends over this blog. I learn so much from each one of you!

  6. @Ginette - thanks for the message! And happy birthday to you my new Dec. b-day friend!

    Yes, good question about life going on any ol' day. I guess it is just a part of growing up - we just don't live in those little kid birthdays any more. We still have to go to work, do the laundry, unload the dishwasher, & sometimtes make our own dinner! Birthdays are just a reminder of how far we have come and that we have many more days to make more memories!

  7. Happy Birthday Sharon...mmmm...all your treats are inspiring :) I think I'll have one too! If you and Clif are thinking of what to do for your birthday...Kevin surprised me for a date to see Mix Tape downtown (Awesome musical about the 80's hit songs), great singers and brought back memories, I sang along :) There's a nice mexican restaraunt next to it to the right that is not expensive at all and GREAT food. Enjoy whatever you end up doing :)

  8. Happy Birthday Sharon! My birthday falls on Easter from time to time. I've always thought that was such a special gift. You have the best gifts already in your life and in your home - that's what time teaches you. Enjoy the moment and let each one bring you closer to God. xoxo

  9. @CF Mommy of 2 ~ thanks for your recommendation! So glad to hear that you got to go on a surprise date!

  10. @Catherine ~ Thank you for your birthday wishes! Thanks also for the reminder of the gifts we already have! We sure can get distracted by life and not appreciate today and its easy to forget to live in the moment. Thank you.