Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Controversy Continues

This summer I slacked off a bit on updating my blog (can you believe it?). When I was ready to start paying attention and getting back into the weekly routine of posting, I thought I should check in to see how the blog was doing - was it still alive and breathing and was anyone still reading it?

Well, low, and behold the report read that my blog readership went up 250% this summer! Holy Moly! So then I did some investigating work to figure out what was going on and what post people were reading. Sure enough there were two posts that were still alive and kicking. It was one post in particular that was getting the majority of the readers.

I Don't Agree With You Carolyn Hax on "Why don't friends with kids have time?" has continued to be a controversial article and no one can really agree. I wrote it back in February of 2009, but somehow this post keeps living on.

Please visit the post and share your opinion. You can leave a comment in an alias, anonymous, or for goodness sake, your own real name. However you do it, I would love to hear from you.

Next week I will share my follow up comment.

Until then, enjoy the October weather.

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