Saturday, August 28, 2010

"Feel Extreme Enough?" Then Go Out and Play

I live seven blocks from the beach and have gone down to the ocean only three times this summer. Pity, I know.

Excuses for not getting down there more often are (1) it has been colder than usual weather lately and (2) if it is warm I am usually too busy to enjoy the weather on the sandy beaches.

Last weekend was an exception and my family and I enjoyed the sun and the waves on our lazy Sunday afternoon.

We have fun playing frisbee and smash ball out on the beach and of course gliding along on our boogie boards, but we have found a new game to play: the Waboba. The game consists of a ball that is so small that it would fit in your swimsuit pocket, if you had one of those pockets.

So, what, you might ask, is a Waboba? Yes, the Waboba, "the ball that bounces on water."

The ball has a polymere and elastan coating (I looked it up) and filled with polymere gel. To play with your Waboba, simply walk out about knee deep into the ocean and throw it across so that it bounces on the water between you and a friend (or son in my case) and attempt to grab it with one hand which might include diving into the water for your "extreme catch." Try throwing it different angles, bouncing it on waves to watch which direction it will propel. And if your opponent doesn't catch it, don't worry, the ball floats.

We have never seen anyone else play with one out there at the beach, but it is great fun and I think it is every beach goers requirement to keep the ball in their beach bag along side their sun tan lotion.

We found this item on the checkout counter of "Play It Again Sports," but you can find it at:

So go out there and be "extreme" and play yourself some Waboba. "Master it!"

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  1. That sounds like a really fun ball! We have these rackets and a Koosh ball that we just love. We bought them over 10 years ago.They were great for kids as the racket is large and not as springy as some of the types with solid backing, making it much easier for them to actually hit the ball and hit it straight! Unfortunately, for some reason they quit making them, much to our disappointment, as the nylon in our rackets has stretched out so much we can no longer play. Could you use the Waboba ball on a lake? I'm assuming so. I'll have to look it up and add it to our RV for lake camping trips. Always good to have something small that's so much fun. Thanks for the tip :-)