Monday, March 8, 2010

Some Quick Recipes For Those Busy Weeks

Spring has hit and my family and I are going at full throttle these past few weeks. Whew. I am already tired.

We signed one son up for Lacrosse and the other for Water Polo and they were already doing drama and guitar lessons. All that = something every day of the week! And that is with one car and a husband who works long hours and coaches a college team. It is a bit much, but not to bore you with our schedule, I wanted to share with you some recipes that allowed us to still eat at home and not fall for the fast-food trap.

So here are some I-am-busier-than-heck recipes:

I am not much into crock pots because frankly my mornings are too busy to cut up potatoes or carrots – but here is one you just have to dump and go.

Crock Pot Chicken
• Frozen Chicken breasts
• Dry Italian dressing packets (found in the dressing aisles. They are a bit pricier than expected so if you have a better idea, please let me know.)
• Cream of chicken soup
• Cream cheese

Faked Baked Pasta
• Cook rigatoni
• Add low fat cottage cheese
• Brown ground sausage
• Mushrooms
• Red sauce (I did not add the red sauce)
• Layer with shredded cheese in a casserole dish
• Microwave 5 minutes.

Another Chicken Concoction
• Chicken thighs
• Catalina dressing
• Sliced onions
• Bell peppers
• Spices
• Cook in oven one hour

Tonight we ate Stouffers Enchiladas and a can of corn. Got to do what one has gotta do. Do you have any quick recipes to put together after a long day of work and carting the kids around? Please share.

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Stay tuned: some upcoming posts that I have been thinking about are building your child's self-esteem, why don't we talk about our marriage, how children with challenges have changed mom's lives, and more!


  1. I'll have to try these! Thanks

  2. Pretty, Fresh & Colorful Chicken Salad on the go!

    * fresh "ready to eat" baby spinach leaves (lots of calcium & iron)
    * ready to eat dried craisins by ocean spray
    * crumbled feta cheese
    * "ready to eat" grilled chopped chicken
    * any sweet dressing like raspberry salad dressing
    DONE, Yummy & healthy!

  3. Tuna casserole.

    You do have to do some chopping--- barely! So yum. Esp with Trader Joe's Reduced-guilt kettle potato chips crushed on top/instead of fried onions.

  4. Our favorite meal at the moment is tacos. I try to cook enough hamburger/onion for 2 meals. Freeze one serving or serve 2 nights in a row. With pre-shredded cheese and lettuce, open a can of beans, it can be a really simple meal.