Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Let's Get Real-About Life" Discussion at Cafe 976

Well the time has come for me to go out there and start speaking. I am a bit nervous and not sure who is going to show up, but I need to start. The place is booked, the postcard is printed, the announcements have gone out, and there is no backing out now.

I know many of my readers do not live in this area, but for those who do, you are invited to my first discussion at a cafe in Pacific Beach, CA. And for those who do not live in this area I would also love to come up and lead a discussion in your area if you are up for reserving a spot and inviting your friends.

Oooh, scary, but exciting.

Please click here for the information. I hope that you can come and join me on Tuesday, October 20, @ 7pm!

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