Thursday, January 1, 2009

Repeating Resolutions

Now I know some of you refuse to set resolutions just because you don't want to be disappointed and fail to complete them. I understand, but if you do complete them by the end of the year - what a victory. Last year I gave up Diet Coke. I would drink it just about everyday in year 2007 and when I wasn't drinking it, I was thinking about it. Now it wasn't easy. I had good feelings about my Diet Coke. My junior year of college I would drink that carbonated drink with my M&Ms and I assure you it helped me study better. It was somewhat comforting to me. So, in 2008 I have to say it took about six months of drinking it on and off when finally I just gave it up and slowly I stopped thinking about that fizzling drink. So, now at the end of the year and I can honestly say I accomplished a resolution.

This year I'm giving up M&M's and Snickers and remorsely I am going to try and give up mocha's. I eat too much chocolate - how do I know I eat too much? Well, I think I eat it everyday and my waist line is growing. It is official, what I have feared: I am now in the next pant's size. Shameful since I am not about to go out and get new pants in a new size for the year. I have to fit in my current jeans. No question about it. So, my work is cut out for me and if I fail, I will retry next year.

So why do we make resolutions always on January 1? My thinking is well it is hard to remember any other random day, like March 12 or June 6. Days that have no meaning to us will be forgotten when it comes back around. But, well New Year's just indicates and demands a new way of thinking. A fresh plan.

As the ball dropped in New York last night, the spokespeople that co-hosted with Carson Daly asked the people around them their New Year's resolution. The gal said she wasn't going to spend as much money on gossip magazines. The guy said he was going to be more affectionate with his girlfriend and then he gave her a big smooch. Resolutions vary. It might be food or money related or just an effort to conserve and help out the environment.

One year my resolution was to learn how to love people more. I was feeling a bit bitter towards some and at the end of the year my perspective on those people had really changed. So have you been successful in past resolutions? What are your 2009 resolutions?

Here is to a new year of successful resolutions. So back to gym I go with all the other ten million people who will be there too.


  1. My resolution this year is to LOSE WEIGHT. I'm sure you are all thinking the same, and yes...I have resolved to do this each year of my 42 on this earth. What is different for me this time is I finally decided to get help. On New Years Eve-Eve I took my plus-size self down to Weight Watchers and signed up. I decided that in 42 years I have not been able to manage my yo-yo dieting alone and that I needed a support system to help me and hold me accountable. I enjoyed my first group meeting so much and truly believe that I will find long-term success with a support system around me. Kind of like every other part of our lives...we weren't meant to do it alone. Here's to a new skinny me in 2009!

  2. Sharon, you are so beautiful! :) with m&m's or without! xoxo.

    This year, I have struggled with making some New Year's Resolutions. I am in the process of making one, stay tuned. :)

  3. I never make a New Year resolutions...daily, I resolve to be a better person. More empathetic, more understanding... I did, however finally buy a scale. I always felt like "weight" was not a measurement of health. Now, I just use it as a tool to understand... OMG that's what happens when you eat pizza every night! (No I don't eat pizza every night). Although I believe I eat a fairly healthy diet. I am not the size I want to be. Not because I want to be a zero or a size two...but because some how along the path of life... my metabolism refuses to keep up! Whats up with that? lulumcb